High Score to Settle – Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved 2


Some games stranglehold your ability to concede, epitomizing that “just one more!” compulsion. High Score to Settle is a confession of these crippling addictions.

Has there been a greater sibling rivalry narrative than this year’s Super Bowl? The Harbough brothers, separated by one year of age, coached their respective teams for the title of  “Champion” to the tune of over a million viewers. It was a close game –– 34 to 31 –– and seniority prevailed as John, the older sibling, defeated his younger brother Jim in a game dubbed the “Harbowl”. Thanksgiving dinners will be forever awkward for the Harbough family.


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    Calvin Holt never stops thinking about games. His mind is an unkempt destination, replete with twenty-sided dice, internalized button sequences for combos, and that infectious "Treasure Chase" tune from Rayman Origins. Squinshee aims to organize, rather than temper, these thoughts.

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