On the Cheap – Bobbing


On the Cheap is Squinshee’s regular gander at inexpensive or free games.

Bobbing (iOS, Android)
Developer: Little Bobby Games
Price: $1

There’s nothing odd, at least to me, about reading Dante’s Inferno on a Kindle. The ability for new technology to adapt old art grants us easy access to a sprawling history of entertainment. Conversely, presenting new material through dated mediums sounds counterintuitive. For instance, listening to Skrillex on vinyl. Some people do it even though it seems physically impossible. You’re telling me that this Crosley can make my apartment go WUB-WUB with a needle scraping a spinning disk? I thought records were relegated to Frank Sinatra, like dubstep to mp3s.



On the Cheap – Cordy 2


On the Cheap is Squinshee’s regular gander at inexpensive or free games.

Cordy 2 (iOS, Android)
Developer: Silvertree Media
Price: $5

It’s bizarre that Cordy is named after technology’s tangling plug. His hovering chassis with wirelessly connected appendages is a feat modern science is unable to mimic, yet his moniker comes from that nuisance of a thing charging our phones? It’s like naming a brand of cigarettes Mr. Cancer. Cables are a means to an end that let us watch cute kitties on Youtube or microwave Stouffer’s French bread pizza. Knowing this, our copper-tinted, late-90’s-iMac-for-a-noggin hero makes sure that this necessary feature doesn’t define him.


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