Weekly updated Gatecrash spreadsheet, 2/25

Spreadsheet 2:25This will be remembered as the week that nearly every Gatecrash rare went down in value.



Weekly updated Gatecrash Spreadsheet, 2/18

Shambling Downwards

It’s not too much fun updating this spreadsheet every week. Sitting here for over two hours and adding a bunch of numbers is excruciatingly tedious. What’s worse is seeing my collection plummet in value. I get strange impulses to not include low outliers (don’t worry, I still do) just so cards don’t take such hits in worth. Enough whining — let’s discuss!


Weekly updated Gatecrash spreadsheet, 2/11

Gatecrash header 5

Ch-ch-ch-changes! After a mere few weeks, a lot of these cards are losing their value. Let’s discuss!

Excel_icon_2_2Click icon to download Gatecrash spreadsheet

The average mythic rare value dropped from $9.15 to $7.43, lowering the total value of Gatecrash by $25.80. Ouch! Which cards sunk? All of them except for Master Biomancer, which really surprises me. I thought that would’ve lowered by now. While these hyped-up planeswalkers and guild-leaders level out, there’s less change from the rares. Boros Reckoner and the shocklands remain the most valuable.

Are there cards that you think are still being undervalued? Discuss in the comments!

Weekly updated Gatecrash spreadsheet, 2/4

Excel header 3

These weekly spreadsheets have been surprisingly popular. I’m glad ya’ll are finding them helpful!

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Fewer values changed this week compared to the week before, but some interesting shifts did occur that are worth discussing. That badass minotaur wizard Boros Reckoner shot up in value by $5, making it the most expensive non-dual land rare in the set. It’ll be interesting to see if/how long it stays that way. Duskmantle Seer’s value went down by $2.50, which isn’t a whole lot, but it’s indicative of its viability in constructed. I’m a little shocked that Master Biomancer has maintained its value. Lastly, Aurelia, the Warleader only keeps going up, up, up. It’s the new Angel of Serenity!

That’s all for this boorish week in Gatecrash values. Feel free to discuss which values you expect to change in the comments!

Weekly updated Gatecrash spreadsheet, 1/28

Gatecrash Header 2

My apologies in advance: the previous spreadsheet had a few issues (Debtor’s Pulpit isn’t a rare, Glaring Spotlight wasn’t listed) and fixing them created their own problems. I recommend downloading this new one and re-entering your collection. Sorry about the inconvenience.

Click icon to download Gatecrash spreadsheet

Not many massive changes occurred over the week, but these mythic rares went up in value by around two to five dollars: Gideon, Champion of Justice, Domri Rade, Aurelia, the Warleader, Master Biomancer, and Prime Speaker Zegana. All of these are great cards, but few are truly constructed playable. Master Biomancer is an absolute powerhouse in limited but I don’t think he’ll see much play outside that format because he doesn’t have immediate board impact. Trade or sell your copies now while he’s overvalued. Domri Rade is the planeswalker to keep your eyes on, more so than Gideon, Champion of Justice. I think he’s going to continue to go up in worth. The rest will probably be played in standard early on, and thus raising their value, but few will remain. Wait another week or two for these to peak in value and then get rid of them.


“The Jankiest Gatecrash Card” award goes to…

Worst Gatecrash header

(All card images were retrieved from Magic: The Gathering’s Official Website.)

Aurelia's Fury

Aurelia’s Fury! Who wants to blast a bunch of creatures and potentially counter a noncreature spell before it resolves? I hate when cards do a bunch of middling things because you always end up overpaying for the effects. Those fifteen mythic rare slots should be reserved for good cards, not crap like this.

Oh wait, this card is bonkers. Now let’s actually discuss the most horridly janktastic cards of Gatecrash!


Here’s a weekly updated Gatecrash spreadsheet for your collection

Gatecrash Excel header

After buying my second booster box of Return to Ravnica, I wanted a way of knowing what my collection was worth. I created a moderately complex spreadsheet that gave me an answer. When a new set comes out, it’s like watching a stock market – few people know how to value many of the cards, but that doesn’t stop them from weighing in. I updated the values for each rare every week to see how values fluctuate. Some cards, like Vraska, the Unseen, are overvalued while others, like Sphinx’s Revelation, are totally undervalued. All of this, at least to me, is fascinating, even if it’s at the expense of my collection’s overall worth.

I’ve brought this all up because I want to share that spreadsheet with you all. Well, not the Return to Ravnica one, but a new one I just made for Gatecrash. Here’s the link (but I’ll also start putting a link on the right side of the site, updating it weekly with current values):

Excel_icon_2_2Click icon to download Gatecrash spreadsheet


Gatecrash spoilers with definitive speculation, 1/21

Gatecrash Spoilers

(These daily posts discuss my correct opinions on newly revealed Magic: The Gathering cards and how they’ll play in limited formats. I don’t play much standard. All cards and translations were retrieved from MTGSalvation.)

Gatecrash was spoiled in its entirety, woohoo! I wasn’t expecting this even though Wizards always does this a week before the prerelease. Today I’m going to go over a few of the new cards that caught my attention, for whatever reason that may be. Oh, you should also listen to this gorgeous song I recorded. It’s about Magic, made with love, recorded with passion. Enjoy!(?):


Gatecrash spoilers with definitive speculation, 1/18

Gatecrash Spoilers

(These daily posts discuss my correct opinions on newly revealed Magic: The Gathering cards and how they’ll play in limited formats. I don’t play much standard. All cards and translations were retrieved from MTGSalvation.)

Master Biomancer

Adding two +1/+1 counters to every creature you play transforms even the littlest of creatures into legitimate threats. Finding ways to add counters to Mr. Biomancer is a tempting proposition too, but could lead to exploding egg baskets. Even if he dies, his effect on the board will be felt for turns to come. Mr. Man is terrific and a great reason to play these colors.


Gatecrash spoilers with definitive speculation, 1/17

Gatecrash Spoilers

(These daily posts discuss my correct opinions on newly revealed Magic: The Gathering cards and how they’ll play in limited formats. I don’t play much standard. All cards and translations were retrieved from MTGSalvation.)

1 Vizkopa Guildmage

Orzhov is all about slowly draining your opponent’s life points through steady, incremental outlets, and Vizkopa is no different. Granting temporary lifelink for three mana isn’t as good as New Prahv’s cheaper flight activation, but it becomes lethal when combined with the second ability. It also doubles the damage caused by each extort activation. However, these abilities are not good on their own, making this Guildmage fantastic in specifically designed decks and merely helpful in most others.


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