Buy This Shirt posts are saved for limited time t-shirt offers that’re so awesome I have to tell you about them.

It’s rare that I find one shirt a day worthy of this feature. But three?! That’s wild, and so are these tees. You’re the real winners though – you get three beautiful header images smooshed into one. I’m selling prints for $15. Get them while they’re hot!


Mr. Resettio is my top pick. I haven’t seen an Animal Crossing tee before, and mashing Mr. Resetti with Dugtrio together makes too much sense. Those Diglets are always glaring, and I would too if I had to hear Resetti’s verbose diatribes.

“Not that I care, but is that pink blotch a mouth or a nose? From this angle, I can’t tell. You’d think I’d know, but I don’t. I have no idea. It’s not like you can tell me either. You’d blurt ‘Diglett-Dig’ and vanish underground before I could take a peek. If I have to work with you, I’d like to know, OKAY? Phhft, you’re not even listening to me. HEY! I saw that! Don’t give me that attitude! I’m your BOSS. Fine. Be that way. I gotta get tunnelin’.”

PíkaThor is oh so cute as he waves Mjolnir like it’s nothing. We all know he’s too weak to wield such a thing and he doesn’t need it to conjure thunderstorms anyway. So what’s the deal, Píkachu? You want to be an Avenger? I’d pay many a Pokémon dollar to see you fight Iron Man.

Bowser’s looks menacing without pupils, doesn’t he? Sheesh. While it’s the least interesting of the three shirts, I tend to prefer cool art styles over two nerdy things mashed together.

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