*Updated* BUY THIS SHIRT, 3/23


Buy This Shirt posts are saved for limited time t-shirt offers that’re so awesome I have to tell you about them.

Starting a game of Pokémon is like going to an animal shelter. Before entering, you’ve decided that you’re going to get an orange kitty. It’s what you’ve always wanted. Once inside, surrounded by adorable animals that crave your affection, that initial desire wavers. “Well” you murmur as you rub the cutest two-year-old cat’s fluffy tummy, “maybe I can get two!” Pokémon refuses this change of mind. You select one and only one, and you’ll never get the other two.

Picking which “Poketryoshka” shirt to buy is a little easier. Since I already have a Charmander shirt, it’s a toss up between Squirtle and Bulbasaur. And if you can’t decide, don’t. Buy all three!

*Update: They added Squirtle! Yippee!


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