Track Attack – Cool Spot

Cool Spot

Catchy tunes are not exclusive to the radio. Track Attack highlights game music that enhances splattering zombies, solving ancient riddles, and two-hour commutes.

Song: “Bonus Stage”
Composer: Tommy Tallarico
Game: Cool Spot (1993)

Cool Spot makes a killer entrance as he carves a wave on a 7up liter surfboard. You know, that anthropomorphic red dot with rad shades who substitutes as a hyphen for faux Sprite? He throws drippy blasts of carbon dioxide at crabs, too. Don’t remember this? Totally understandable. The various cartridges Cool Spot blessed are of the same breed as World Gone Sour, a game featuring Sour Patch Kids. Which is to say, mediocre games based on food products. But the soundtrack achieved greatness.

The bonus stage starts off with grandiose synth beats and a steady line of kick drums that transform into agitated smacks. A low grumbling bass enters and escalates, shaking the 7up bottle where the challenge takes place, in preparation for what we’d call nowadays a “beat drop.” The rising pressure and momentum mimes Cool Spot’s actions, as you bounce on carbonated bubbles and snag every floating doohickie within the time limit. When the bass reaches its pulsating peak – amidst a light, bottle-clinking percussion – a drum roll flicks off the cap. Out comes a gushing piano solo fit for a rave with burps of reverberation and fizzy synth. As the song finds its rhythm, hopefully you have too, but if you fall down to the bottom, the momentum returns, as if to say, “You can do this!” It’s a refreshing repetition that hits the spot.

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