On the Cheap – Cordy 2


On the Cheap is Squinshee’s regular gander at inexpensive or free games.

Cordy 2 (iOS, Android)
Developer: Silvertree Media
Price: $5

It’s bizarre that Cordy is named after technology’s tangling plug. His hovering chassis with wirelessly connected appendages is a feat modern science is unable to mimic, yet his moniker comes from that nuisance of a thing charging our phones? It’s like naming a brand of cigarettes Mr. Cancer. Cables are a means to an end that let us watch cute kitties on Youtube or microwave Stouffer’s French bread pizza. Knowing this, our copper-tinted, late-90’s-iMac-for-a-noggin hero makes sure that this necessary feature doesn’t define him.

Oddly enough, Cordy’s plug serves no use beyond zipping him to new areas or as a makeshift rope-swing. Running down hills and double-jumping past sinister robots is more his style. You’re rewarded with a star for quick playthroughs and another for scouring for six hidden thematically-relevant-collectibles-required-of-all-platformers (in this case, ‘Zaps’). This shared emphasis of speed and exploration conflict during most stages, forcing repeated outings since progression is tethered to your pocketed stars.


The space-age carnival, peaceful harbor, and steampunk skyship worlds in Cordy 2 maintain their minor charms. Robotic companions grant extra functionality like a wireless USB mouse for your laptop. There’s the magnetic mate who grants gravity-defying shenanigans at high speeds and a propeller pal whose stages play like helicopter flash games. Thrusting Cordy skyward with a jetpack highlights the folly of the touchscreen controls and his buoyant hops take time adjusting to. During such struggles, the adorable expressions of Cordy and his pals, as well as the hum-worthy xylophone and triangle chime tunes, provide comfort.

A game of modest highs and forgivable lows, Cordy 2 never surpasses expectations beyond a competent genre game. It’ll be forgotten in your game app folder like that iPod Shuffle charger lost within a tumbleweed of cords.

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