Buy This Shirt posts are saved for limited time t-shirt offers that’re so awesome I have to tell you about them.

This time I took my own advice and snatched this bomb tee. This is the second Mega Man shirt that has caught my eye and I’m certain there will be more. Heck, the site is selling another one that’s a Mario/Mega Man crossover, but it doesn’t compare to the re-imagined stage select screen of the first Mega Man entry. It’s the subtle details that make this shirt a treasure. Having the portraits’ sizes congruous with the Mans’ proportions, along with our bionic hero gazing in the opposite direction, presents a contradiction. He shares the same creator as the others, thus the similar appearance, but he harbors opposing beliefs that threaten the opposition’s diabolical plans. It conjures a struggle apt for a museum, with one prerequisite: Electric Man’s tune must be on repeat.

BUY THIS SHIRT. (The adorable yeti, outfitted Mega Man’s helmet, is the real winner.)

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