On the Cheap – Be Together


On the Cheap is Squinshee’s regular gander at inexpensive or free games.

Be Together (iOS)
Developer: Chillingo
Price: $1

Attraction is a powerful emotion. Its strength makes us internalize subtle details, such as remembering likes and dislikes, in hopes to be closer with that special someone. Recalling these preferences can (and will) lead to moments of mental second-guessing. Does she like being kissed on the cheek in public? Skittles hurt her teeth…or was it Chewy Spree? What’s her favorite color? She wears purple a lot. Her favorite skirt is purple. Yeah, it’s purple. Definitely purple.

Reuniting Be Together’s separated stress ball couple is like having these preferential dilemmas every few minutes. Players drag and drop bouncy clouds, banana ramps, and teleporting buttberries around floating chasms to aid the rolling romantics. Once the silly props are put in their desired places, press play and watch the drama unfold. Will they, in fact, be together? Close, but not quite. Tinker around for a bit to find that the lofty leaf-boy isn’t where he should be and the nimbus is a smidgen too north. At last, witness their reunion! Using inflating helium candies, magnetized orbs, calla lily cannons and more in later stages lead to an unfathomable amount of possibilities. All of these tools lead to more second-guessing, meaning further trial and error. It reminds me of browsing for a cute purple scarf for my girlfriend. Or was red her favorite color?

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