Weekly updated Gatecrash spreadsheet, 2/25

Spreadsheet 2:25This will be remembered as the week that nearly every Gatecrash rare went down in value.

excelClick icon to download Gatecrash spreadsheet

The average value of the sets mythic rares is at $6.07 for the week, a new all-time low. Every single one went down in value this week, including Domri Rade who saw a small jump last week. The only constants are rares. Boros Reckoner went up a little more, exceeding the $19 threshold. The shocklands also saw a little bump, but they’re always in constant flux. They might go down went Dragon’s Maze is released, seeing as this final set in the Return to Ravnica block will have all ten shocklands again.

This decline goes to show you that the best time to sell your cards is when the set first comes out. You might miss out on all-stars like Boros Reckoner, but selling your Duskmantle Seers and the like when they had actual value would more than compensate.

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