Rate That Jump! — Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time


Games like giving players the ability to jump. Rate That Jump! examines how a particular jump handles in all facets.

Silently prancing above patrolbulls with flashlights (in broad daylight) and leaping from antenna to signposts is easy breezy. Sly doesn’t automatically latch on to these prescribed sparkly vantage points, but a quick button press triggers an aerial twirl that perfectly places the fluffy thief where you wish.

Without the use of shimmering trimmings, simple jumps get a little awkward. Double jumps barely provide additional height (except for Bentley’s hovering wheelchair jets, though he can’t traverse the sparkly spots) but scaling buildings demand their use. Characters commonly get stuck in midair limbo as they float indefinitely on the edges of buildings, unable to move forward enough to land successfully. At times like these, you must look past the illusion, fall back down, and rejump.

Hiccup aside, the effortless jumps lead to effortless platforming. They are there to keep you occupied rather than be a challenge.


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