Weekly updated Gatecrash Spreadsheet, 2/18

Shambling Downwards

It’s not too much fun updating this spreadsheet every week. Sitting here for over two hours and adding a bunch of numbers is excruciatingly tedious. What’s worse is seeing my collection plummet in value. I get strange impulses to not include low outliers (don’t worry, I still do) just so cards don’t take such hits in worth. Enough whining — let’s discuss!

excelClick icon to download Gatecrash spreadsheet

Three cards noticeably went up in value this week. Boros Reckoner rocketed up to $18.42, making it the most valuable card in the entire set. Wow. I wish I had predicted this when he was going for $3.75! Tomoharu Saito’s Naya deck used both Domri Rade and Gyre Sage that went 4-0 recently, which explains their synchronized bump in value. Will it last? I think Domri Rade is strong and certainly better than Gideon, Champion of Justice, so I can see him staying around this range. Even though Gyre Sage enables some incredibly strong plays, its inconsistency will make it even out.

Other than those increases, everything else went downtown. Aurelia’s Fury is worth half of its initial worth (probably because Bonfire of the Damned is better). Aurelia, the Warleader is being outdone by Boros Reckoner.  Even the shocklands dropped!

Poor Gatecrash. How about you take a shower, cut your shaggy hair, and brush your teeth so people won’t think so poorly of you?

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