Emmett boo!; Kat wee!

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If the second season of Lost – that magical polar bear island show – is any indication, introducing new cast members isn’t easy. Many of them died at the end of the season because they were totally forgettable. I wish I could forget about Ana Lucia, a completely unsympathetic bully who harassed everyone about everything. Her death was more of a relief than a misfire. Desmond proved to be the one exception. He remained one of the most fascinating and compelling characters on the show. You could say Desmond makes up for the countless failed attempts in that season, but I won’t.

Emmett Graves, a newly added character to Playstation All-Stars: Battle Royale, isn’t revolting like Ana Lucia, but he is massively underwhelming. He’s a projectile-centric fighter similar to Drake and Killzone Guy, a style of play I find nauseating, so expect a bunch of sticky grenades bouncing around the battlefield. Emmett also lacks a way to combo into his level one super making it more useful in free for all games. Oh, and many of his moves are slightly tweaked attacks of other fighters. Woo!

kat and emmett

If Emmett is Ana, Kat is Desmond. Her combo potential is redonkulous. Unlike Emmett, there’s already an in-depth topic on the shoryuken forums, detailing her strengths. Her mobility definitely takes some getting used to since her double jump is replaced by an aimable mid-air dash, but it’s what makes her so potent. Beyond her outward strengths, it’s her individuality that makes you gravitate towards her. No other character in the roster can do the things she can. Kat’s lack of range certainly makes her a riskier proposition than Kratos or Raiden, but I’m just happy a badass new character was included who isn’t immediately overpowered.

Even though Emmett is kind of a lame inclusion, there’s no need for him to be callously gunned down in an underground living room. In the land of video games, more characters can only improve a game like Playstation All-Stars: Battle Royale. So keep them coming! More! More! MORE!

(Kat and Emmett were both released as free downloads on the Playstation Store this Tuesday. They’ll remain free for two weeks and then they’ll be re-priced at $4.99 each.)

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