Weekly updated Gatecrash spreadsheet, 2/11

Gatecrash header 5

Ch-ch-ch-changes! After a mere few weeks, a lot of these cards are losing their value. Let’s discuss!

Excel_icon_2_2Click icon to download Gatecrash spreadsheet

The average mythic rare value dropped from $9.15 to $7.43, lowering the total value of Gatecrash by $25.80. Ouch! Which cards sunk? All of them except for Master Biomancer, which really surprises me. I thought that would’ve lowered by now. While these hyped-up planeswalkers and guild-leaders level out, there’s less change from the rares. Boros Reckoner and the shocklands remain the most valuable.

Are there cards that you think are still being undervalued? Discuss in the comments!

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