Nail-bitingly close Playstation All-Stars matches

A link to this video popped up on my Twitter feed. Having dedicated a whole month of time to Playstation All-Stars last year, I was curious to see how well teams could coordinate their combos and strategies together. When I played 2v2 with my girlfriend, my Parappa would fly into battle, skateboard held out for maximum impact, at the worst possible times. I can’t tell you how many times I messed up her combos that led into her level one super. I’m glad I don’t have an exact number.

Team combos are prevalent, but not heavily so, which upsets me. I guess it’s too easy to disrupt them. What surprised me was how there were almost no Raiden players in the top bracket, and that there were two Nariko players. The two Nariko players executed nasty wallbounce combos repeatedly and the games were mostly won whenever she got to her level three super.

If there is one match to watch, it’s the very last one. Holy potato skins, Batman! That was an intense game!

(I wish there was a way to turn off the commentators, although I was also freaking out when the Medusa’s head spawned.)

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