Here’s a weekly updated Gatecrash spreadsheet for your collection

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After buying my second booster box of Return to Ravnica, I wanted a way of knowing what my collection was worth. I created a moderately complex spreadsheet that gave me an answer. When a new set comes out, it’s like watching a stock market – few people know how to value many of the cards, but that doesn’t stop them from weighing in. I updated the values for each rare every week to see how values fluctuate. Some cards, like Vraska, the Unseen, are overvalued while others, like Sphinx’s Revelation, are totally undervalued. All of this, at least to me, is fascinating, even if it’s at the expense of my collection’s overall worth.

I’ve brought this all up because I want to share that spreadsheet with you all. Well, not the Return to Ravnica one, but a new one I just made for Gatecrash. Here’s the link (but I’ll also start putting a link on the right side of the site, updating it weekly with current values):

Excel_icon_2_2Click icon to download Gatecrash spreadsheet

How it works:

If you own three Realmwrights, put the number 3 in the “Own” column next to Realmwright. If you have one foil Realmwright, put the number 1 in the “Foil” column next to Realmwright. If you don’t own any Realmwrights, leaving those spaces empty is the same as entering in a zero. Do this for each card you own and it’ll automatically calculate the totals.

When I upload a new spreadsheet for the week, download it, open it up, and copy the entire new  “Value” column. Open the spreadsheet that has your collection entered in. Click the empty cell to the right of the “Value (Date)” cell.  Now simply paste in the updated values.

I hope some of you enjoy having this data just as much as I do! Please let me know if that has been useful.


• I retrieve the values manually from eBay’s completed listings. I look at several auctions and calculate the average going rate at the time. To me, this is the most accurate value I can find.

• Foils usually go for double the rate of non-foils, so that’s how they’re valued here.

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  1. makeupandmagiccards

     /  January 22, 2013

    This is so great. I love Magic. And spreadsheets.

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  3. swatmajor1

     /  January 27, 2013

    I’d also factor costs from and I’ve found the price guides to be reliable.

    • Huh. I didn’t realize there were price guides this reliable out there. I’m cross-referencing a bunch of cards to eBay and they’re really similar. It’s easier for me to use this site too.

      I wish I could list the values from these three sources but I have no idea how to implement it into the spreadsheet.

    • BOTH mentioned are horrible actually. Stomping Grounds was $18 off.

      • If it makes you feel better I haven’t factored those values in at all. I need to update this thing again. Ugh.

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