Temple Run 2 is Temple Run

Temple Run 2 Header

Temple Run 2 (iOS, Android)
Developer: Imangi Studios
Publisher: Imangi Studios
MSRP: Free

Temple Run, the free app for iOS and Android, has a sequel – Temple Run 2. It’s time to amass a horde of coins and endlessly run from demonic monkeys once again, but now with passion! When I heard about Temple Run 2, I was excited to see what improvements Imangi conjured up since I hadn’t read about its development. When I searched for it on my iPad, I saw the design of the new app icon and it was immediate indication of the kind of sequel Temple Run 2 is.

temple run Icons


Slapping the number two on the old icon doesn’t damn Temple Run 2 because that would be stupid. It does represent its unchanged gameplay, now augmented with some nice cosmetic touches. Temple Run 2 is a prettier game than its predecessor. The color palette is bright and vibrant, replacing the yucky swamp with sunny mountainsides. Pathways aren’t perfectly straight lines like they used to be, but this has no bearing on the gameplay. Even the zip-lines and minecart additions are inconsequential, there to make you feel like you’re on more of an adventure than you really are.

Temple Run Comparison

Being able to equip different abilities, such as the coin magnet or a shield, are welcome additions, as are the green gems that let you respawn. But as someone who was enamored by the original, Temple Run 2 doesn’t do much to recapture that feeling.

(For those who haven’t played Temple Run, it’s a game in which your character never stops running forwards. You guide him through endless randomly generated paths, swiping the screen to jump, slide, and turn, and you also tilt your phone/tablet to dodge other obstacles and collect coins. Simple, addictive fun.)

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