Warning: New All-Stars Approaching!

Playstation All-Stars Header

Playstation All-Stars: Battle Royale, the ridiculously glitchy and unbalanced fighter that I could not stop myself from playing for weeks on end, has two new characters joining the roster February 12th.

Here’s Kat, the immensely popular Isaac-Newton-perplexing superhero from Gravity Rush. You know, that game we all played on our worthless worthwhile Playstation Vita? Here’s some gameplay footage of her bashing face in Battle Royale:

If you didn’t (or are unable to) read between the lines, I have yet to play Gravity Rush, so I’m not sure how well SuperBot has managed to capture the essence of Kat. Considering how difficult it is to punish other fighters who are in the air, I believe Kat will be an incredibly powerful addition due to her aerial prowess. It’ll surprise me if she can’t combo into her level one super because it just looks like the kind of super that can. Seeing as how easy-looking her level two is to avoid, her level one better combo or she may not be as impressive as she appears to be. If she can build AP fast like Krazy Kratos can though, her level three could be strong enough to save up for.

Here’s Emmett Graves from Starhawk, that totally successful spiritual successor to Warhawk:

Yeah, I didn’t play Starhawk either. Anyway, SuperBot has incorporated the “Build ‘n Battle” mechanic that defined the title into Emmett’s moveset. This amounts to dropping crates from the sky that change his current gun configuration. His moves look like tweaked versions of many other projectile-based attacks (Radec’s machine gun and sniper rifle, Ratchet’s 45º rocket blast Radec’s machine gun and sniper rifle) and even his level one super appears to be identical to Radec’s! I didn’t gravitate towards any of the projectile characters and Emmett won’t change that.

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