Gatecrash spoilers with definitive speculation, 1/18

Gatecrash Spoilers

(These daily posts discuss my correct opinions on newly revealed Magic: The Gathering cards and how they’ll play in limited formats. I don’t play much standard. All cards and translations were retrieved from MTGSalvation.)

Master Biomancer

Adding two +1/+1 counters to every creature you play transforms even the littlest of creatures into legitimate threats. Finding ways to add counters to Mr. Biomancer is a tempting proposition too, but could lead to exploding egg baskets. Even if he dies, his effect on the board will be felt for turns to come. Mr. Man is terrific and a great reason to play these colors.



Compared to Chromatic Lantern, Realmwright requires blue mana, is a creature (making it more susceptible to removal), makes all of your lands only one other type, and doesn’t ramp. Realmwright will find itself in decks with difficult manabases, but it’s impractical in two color decks and a terrible top-deck.


Miming Slime

A more conditional Slime Molding, but using this during your second mainphase after bloodrushing a creature sounds strong. Sorcery speed limits many possibilities though, so this should be used in Gruul decks for maximum effect.


Truefire Paladin

This badass Paladin reminds me of Figure of Destiny. That comparison alone should tell you how fantastic this little beater is. As a 2/2 for with vigilance, he’s an efficiently costed creature, but those two additional abilities make him a tour de force at all stages of the game. He’s really hard to kill in combat because of first strike and he’ll make your opponent hesitant during their next combat step. Although he’s susceptible to the weakest of burn effects, Truefire Paladin is an uncommon bomb.


Simic Manipulator

Being able to take control of your opponent’s creatures is strong removal, but amassing enough evolve triggers to steal a Gruul Ragebeast will take a lot of work. Repeatedly nabbing smaller creatures is what this guy does best and he will cause Boros players ample frustration.

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