Gatecrash spoilers with definitive speculation, 1/17

Gatecrash Spoilers

(These daily posts discuss my correct opinions on newly revealed Magic: The Gathering cards and how they’ll play in limited formats. I don’t play much standard. All cards and translations were retrieved from MTGSalvation.)

1 Vizkopa Guildmage

Orzhov is all about slowly draining your opponent’s life points through steady, incremental outlets, and Vizkopa is no different. Granting temporary lifelink for three mana isn’t as good as New Prahv’s cheaper flight activation, but it becomes lethal when combined with the second ability. It also doubles the damage caused by each extort activation. However, these abilities are not good on their own, making this Guildmage fantastic in specifically designed decks and merely helpful in most others.


1 Gruul Ragebeast

This fatty is definitely a bomb. He comes into play, kills your biggest threat, and makes each creature spell you cast removal. Its lack of may might put you into situations that prevent you from playing creatures that are smaller than your opponent’s, but that’ll rarely factor in. A perfect creature to have at the top of your curve, but it’ll be too slow against aggressive decks. Fortunately, Simic, Dimir, and Orzhov, a majority of the guilds, seem slow, so I foresee Gruul Ragebeast ending many games.


1 Duskmantle Seer

I love cheap, fat flyers that hurt both players, and I can trace that affection all the way to M10’s Howling Banshee. Since you and your opponent draw an extra card per turn, it’s not really a downside, and a 4/4 flyer for four mana is delicious. It’s not Dark Confidant levels of awesome, but it is awesome. Play a deck with a low mana curve and watch this mythic baddie wreck your opponents.


1 Spark Trooper

Wizards has been printing this type of creature for a while – low-toughness, high power relative to cost creatures with haste and trample that die at the end of the turn. They’re never blocked because they’re going to die, so it’s like you played a cheaper Lava Axe. This is one of the best versions they’ve printed, thanks to lifelink, and could trigger an unforeseen battalion.


1 Unexpected Results

This name is too perfect. The “Shuffle your deck” clause ensures that there is no way you can tamper with the results. Random effects won’t garner the results you want. Look at Tibalt. That dude blows! Uncertainty is not a strategy worth investing in.   


1 Sylvan Primordial

None of the Primordial cards are impressive. A massive 6/8 body for seven mana, and it has reach? REACH? I don’t want to play a creature this big so I can defend against scrawny birds. Destroying a non-creature permanent is a weak ability, and who needs another forest? Clearly multiplayer focused. A fatty if you’re desperate for one.


Seeing each new rare and mythic rare spoiled from a set is certainly exciting, but the commons and uncommons are way more indicative of how a new set plays in limited. I eagerly wait the final days when all is revealed.

Soon enough, I keep telling myself. Soon enough.

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