Gatecrash spoilers with definitive speculation, 1/16

Gatecrash Spoilers

(These daily posts discuss my correct opinions on newly revealed Magic: The Gathering cards and how they’ll play in limited formats. I don’t play much standard. All cards and translations were retrieved from MTGSalvation.)

Merciless Eviction


Another set, another board-wipe! I like this more than Planar Cleansing because it doesn’t disrupt any non-creature permanents you have, but it’ll only be played in the most GRUULingly (Hah! IZZENT that funny?!) slow control decks.


Thespian's Stage


This card will only be used to help stabilize your mana is color-dense decks or to gain an additional gate. For both instances I’d rather have another gate.




When I read over this beast, I came to realize my understanding of bloodrush was better than it actually was. Target attacking creature. Ouch. Regardless, I like this fella’. If I play Gruul, I’m totally nabbing a bunch of these. The 3/2 body is a little fragile, but this, just like many other bloorush creatures, is a terrific top-deck. It’s either a creature if you need a blocker or an uncounterable pump spell that let’s you push through a pile of evolving mutants.


Molten Primordial


For seven mana, this fatty isn’t as fat as I’d want him to be, but it has the potential to end games by making a temporary treason out of your opponents scariest threat. This is a more expensive, less effective Traitorous Instinct.




Boros and Gruul are shaping up to be aggressive guilds. What a shock! Ætherize will force opponents in those two guilds to think twice about attacking with the team. It has the slightest chance of helping Gruul opponents by letting them return a bloodrush creature back to their hand, but that’s a tiny price to pay for a potentially game finishing card. Ætherize won’t end games like Blustersqual though.


Firefist Striker


A 2/1 creature for 2 with a potential upside is adequately costed, but these dinky battalion creatures without haste worry me. Reaching a critical mass of three attacking creatures is crucial for Boros, but if you don’t play a creature with haste on turn three, you’ll have to wait another turn to make battalion matter. And waiting that many turns to finally attack (because these creatures aren’t good in combat until three dudes attack simultaneously) is a worrying strategy for aggressive colors. If triggering it is easier than it appears to be, Firefirst Striker is great at neutralizing threats that could disrupt your battalion.

A fine creature that becomes much more effective if your deck is loaded with battalion creatures.


Orzhov Charm


Saving a creature from removal is an invaluable combat trick, and comparable in cost to Dramatic Rescue with the Aura clause. It’s a cute additional effect that’ll help prevent you from getting two-for-one’d, but I doubt this will happen with much frequency.

Ability two had me at “destroy target creature.” I love me my unconditional removal, even if I have to take some damage to remove the current threat. Orzhov’s extort mechanic help to ensure that, over the course of time, your life will be back in the green in no time.

The final ability doesn’t appear to be immensely abusable in standard and is probably even worse in limited. These are some of the stronger targets that share colors with the charm, and none remotely tantalize: Champion of the Parish, Deathrite Shaman, Diregraf Ghoul, Doomed Traveler, Judge’s Familiar. The best-case scenario for this ability is flashing in a rat with deathtouch. Tricksy!

It’s a strong, versatile card, even if its third ability has narrow uses.

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  1. Emily Murphy

     /  January 17, 2013

    Ætherize will be some good Simic hate.


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