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Disney Infinity

Disney announced this morning their next big videogame: Disney Infinity. It’s nothing like Skylanders (a game I reviewed a while back). You don’t purchase small figurines that serve no purpose other than unlocking new playable characters. You don’t place the character you want to play with on a stand that reads and saves your progress within the toy.

Okay, okay, maybe Disney Infinity is a little similar to Skylanders, but that doesn’t make it inherently bad (even though it probably will be). Activision stumbled upon an ingenious game structure that has made a lot of money. Now they have competition.

Disney Infinity’s approach is more about experimentation and creation, elaborating many of the concepts found within the Toy Story 3 game. This approach is smart because Skylanders lacks a lot of compelling content. Replaying old stages with new characters is only fun for so long. Infinity still has linear levels, but they’re not the focus. While the details are still slim, creating challenges, platforming sections, and racetracks seem to be a few of the possible activities players can customize.

If the gameplay isn’t terribly deep though, I worry how creative one can be with the tools given and how engaging the user generated content will be. LittleBigPlanet’s tools are ridiculously complicated and require hours of tutorials. And even after all of that hard work, the resulting level is never as much fun as you want it to be. Infinity will be simpler and I sincerely doubt the effort will be worth it.

As far as pricing goes, it’s almost identical to Skylanders. New figurines will cost $13, but the real kicker is that you can also buy booster packs that contain tokens that give your dudes new abilities. This makes sense – Disney Infinity is all about experimentation, so figuring out which interchangeable tokens work best with who is a neat proposition, but it’s also another micro-transaction in a game filled with micro-transactions.

Playing with your favorite Disney characters in a virtual toy box sounds interesting, but I’m going to force my three non-existent children to collectively decide between Disney Infinity or Skylanders. That way I only have to buy one shitty game designed to devour my cash, fully knowing that each subsequent purchase will barely satiate my kids’ lust for more mediocre content.

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  1. Ed Murphy

     /  January 17, 2013

    Wow! Your blog looks great. Mine looks like the pimply kid in the corner that nobody ever talks to compared to yours. Great graphics and fonts! Good content, too. Dr. Grammarius is envious.

  2. Yeah great review about it, I’ll be pre-ordering mine soon.


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