Terry Cavanagh’s ‘Hexagon’ is absurdly vexing and hexing

Last weekend was Pirate Kart V, an online event where people try to make as many games within 48 hours. Terry Cavanagh, creator of VVVVVV, submitted Hexagon, a game where you rotate a triangle around a hexagon and avoid incoming shapes. This game is ridiculously hypnotic, especially with its glorious chiptune soundtrack, but the difficulty and repeated deaths keep your brain from melting away. I do wish the controls were a tad more responsive though. Regardless of that minor gripe, I urge you to play this…unless you want to be productive.

[Edit:] The controls were better on my girlfriends laptop, so my one complaint has more to do with my crappy MacBook. I should have expected as much.

My *NEW* personal best is 133:29. I really need to stop playing this now.

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