Speculation erupts with the reveal of Purple Sonic

Two days ago, screenshots of Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 2 were released on the Xbox Marketplace. Tails will now play a more prominent role (yay?) as you thwart the insidious Doctor Robotnik, or, as the cool kids call him, ‘Eggman’. But one screenshot clearly depicts a purple Sonic. Sonic is normally blue, not purple, so this discovery seems to suggest a radical departure for the iconic Sega mascot. Why is he purple? Is this an attempt to rebrand our beloved hedgehog in order to appeal to new gamers? Perhaps he’s suffering from some severe, rodent specific illness, resulting in an empathetically cynical hero. Maybe he ate too much Sonic fast food. The stranger theories would have you believe the purple wisp from Sonic Colors and Big the Cat have fused together, creating a frenzied, sex-craved homoerotic alter-ego who has forgone his trusty fishing pole for something far more troubling. The below image is most assuredly NSFW, as it depicts, with startling accuracy, this unlikely fusion.

Mr. Froggy is nothing short of transfixed. LOOK AWAY!

We’ll just have to wait and see. I do know this though: the sunset in the background has absolutely nothing to do with this fascinating departure.

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