Gamers complain Revengence is a game

No one should complain about Metal Gear Rising: Revengence because the most recent trailer showed very little gameplay. And the gameplay it showed was devoid of context: no HUD was shown, none of the mechanics were outlined or discussed, and the rest was a bunch of super-stylish cutscenes that may or may not have been quick-time events. This is what we know of the game based on this trailer that’s gameplay related:

– Raiden not only has a sword, but uses it to attack enemies.

– Raiden can cut people, robots, and cars into a bunch of tiny pieces (what this adds to the gameplay is yet to be seen).

– Raiden can slide.

I really enjoyed the trailer for its flashiness and heavy use of the letter ‘R’. Whether this is a game I’m genuinely interested in is another issue completely. Thankfully Platinum Games didn’t change Raidens hair color. If that were the case we’d have to endure an even more annoying onslaught of stupidity.

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