Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands Review

Since the Sands of TimePrince of Persia has always focused on crafting engaging obstacles to navigate. The ingredients are always the same – running across walls, swinging on poles, avoiding deathtraps – and rearranging them in new ways keep this core fun. The Forgotten Sands intelligently embraces this foundation and ignores all of the concepts found within the Prince of Persia reboot of 2008. Instead, new complications are added to the core that only increase the already present sensation of flawlessly getting from point A to B: changing running water into a solid and creating platforms, both performed with a push of a button.

Combat is then used to help the pacing – it’s repetitive, yes, but encounters rarely last more than a few minutes. These portions provide closure to the exhilarating parkour sections. In this action game, the environment is your enemy, and your cunning is your weapon. If viewed as such, the combat shouldn’t take precedent over the platforming. But it also doesn’t mean combat should suck.

What’s disappointing is the complete lack of interesting narrative. Epic shit is happening, but nothing feels epic. The Prince’s only thought throughout the game is “I have to stop my brother.” It hints at an interesting thread about corruption, yet chooses to ignore it. And when one of the three characters decides to break out of her stereotypical “power-giver” role towards the end, there isn’t enough time to develop a meaningful character.

The Forgotten Sands will be remembered as the Prince of Persia title that nailed the feel, but ignored the heart of the series.


– I wrote this review about a year ago.

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