Welcome to! Seeing as how this is my first post, I would like to talk about the purpose of this site. Video games have always been a huge part of my life. Freshman year of high school I had a website called Game Gulch (terrible name) that I poured my soul into (which makes it difficult to visit it with its new domain owners). It has been almost six years since I have had an outlet to discuss video games and I miss it.

Video games have aged considerably since then, but video game criticism, in my opinion has not. I read reviews, articles, previews, etc., from other sites and few ever engage me as a reader (with few exceptions). I want to give games proper analysis. Not an easy task by any means, and Squinshee and I will definitely struggle.

What is Squinshee? Back when I was a wee tot, I drew a simplistic penguin – so simple that it doesn’t look at all like a penguin. I have always taken pride in it, a character I named “Squinshee.”

There you have it. We will see where this goes from here.

– Calvin

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